The book of Life

I feel like our lives run like a book. Like each particular thing that we commit ourselves to is a chapter in a long story.

   And sometimes in the same exact way a book does; a chapter ending can leave us hanging. We put so much into something or someone.. that when it ends we feel like we lost something more cause not only did we lose IT..but we lost everything that we put into it…everything that was once part of us. This chapter can be anything a relationship, a team, a year, a group, a cast, a job, an activity really anything.

    However, with a book all we have to do is turn the page and we suddenly move on. With life its almost as if we are stuck in between two chapters in a world of nothingness. Sometimes the next chapter..or even next few chapters that we go through are a letdown because they don’t compare. And there’s nothing we can do… because all we have now are memories…and sometimes those just hurt more because they just make us want that same feeling we had in that particular moment even more…  

      However, we do have an advantage that books do not have because they are already written…but we hold the pen that can write the rest of our story and make it whatever we want it to be.

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